It’s Not All Mary Poppins

meme or something for bibliophiles

Okay, all you booklovers out there, Bookmama and I have an activity for you. A fair number of you enjoyed the Literary Meme I did at the beginning of this week. But it was so arbitrary, and many of you who only had a fair-to-middlin’ showing on the list have probably read a TONNE of books that weren’t on it. Hardly right.

Clearly, we need a way to show our literary stuff in a truly personal way. So, here’s the idea: I’m proposing that, starting April 1, we start tracking everything we read for a month, and then, on May 1, we publish our lists. And yes, if you’re a student, assuming you’ll be doing any recreational blogging this month before exams, you can certainly include required readings and texts.

Anyone interested?

March 24, 2007 Posted by | books, memes and quizzes | 24 Comments