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Do you love to bury yourself in a book? Are you always on the lookout for suggestions, good titles, provocative reads? You’ve come to the right place! MaryP’s Book Binge is fast approaching. A month in which you read, log, and then post everything you read all through April.

On May 1, you’ll each post our lists on our blogs, and then everyone will know… that I read a LOT of schlock!

(And, to answer a couple of questions: yes, you can include books you re-read, so long as you re-read them in between April 1 and 30. Yes, you may also include books you start but don’t finish, just note the page at which you gave it up. Something like, “Quit, page 47 of 322”. Or, if you’re Addofio, “Quit, page 752 of 782.” No, you may not include books you read to your children – unless those books are at least 125 pages long.)

So far, we have:


A maybe:

A self-confessed voyeur:

Anyone else participating, leave a comment and we’ll add you to the list!

AND, for all you lucky participants, we have these lovely blog buttons! There’s a small and a medium version. All you have to do is copy and paste the the following code into your sidebar or post.

For SMALL (125 pixels wide, suitable for a sidebar),

Copy and paste this code:
<a href=""&gt; <img src="; alt="book binge" /></a>

For MEDIUM (240 pixels wide; your text will wrap to the right of the image),


Copy and paste this code:
<a href=""&gt; <img src="; style="margin: 0 10px 10px 0; float:left" alt="book binge" border="0" /></a>

(And if you, like me, are in awe at the way I have CODE on the blog, without it turning into the button and ‘vanishing’ the code, I can’t take the credit. This bit of playing with the browser’s head was devised by my devious sweetie, er, fiance. Isn’t he just so smart???)

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