It’s Not All Mary Poppins

One of those Days

Every morning, I haul a load of laundry to the basement before the daycare tots arrive. Some days, if my back is being a bugger, I get my sweetie to lift it off the bedroom floor and bring it down to the dining table. I can carry it, see, if I don’t have to bend…

Depending on the weather, the wet laundry is either hung on the line or tossed into the dryer during naptime. Then the basket of clean, dry laundry is brought to the dining table for sorting as the children play after snack, and put away upstairs once the tots have left. Every day.

(Aren’t you thrilled by this peek into my Real Life? Aren’t you just rivetted by the drama of it all?)

Some days, the basket of clean laundry is still on the dining table the next morning at breakfast. Some days are like that.

And then there are the days – today fr’instance – when I approach the laundry at the dining table to sort it, and discover that some dork has thrown a pair of dirty socks on top of the clean. Yuk. (Why are dirty socks so much more repellent when you’re expecting them to be clean?)

And someone else tossed in their filthy jeans!

And what idiot put stinky t-shirts in with the clean laundry?

And, and, and…

and guess who’s trying to sort and fold and put away the dirty laundry she forgot to toss in the machine this morning?

The tots haven’t yet begun to arrive. Isn’t today going to be fun???

April 3, 2007 Posted by | eeewww, the dark side | 14 Comments