It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Lunchtime Conversations

The daycare days perk up a bit when my sweetie is around. He loves to interact with the kids, and, in typical dad fashion, enjoys a little frivolity with his lunchtime conversations.

Malli to Stephen: You are a man?
Stephen: Yes, I am. [Drops his tenor voice an octave and repeats, with strong, stern daddy-face.] YES, I am!
Malli: I am a man!
Stephen, look of astonishment on his face, and voice well back into the tenor, even beyond: You ARE!?!?!?!?
Malli: Yes. I am a girl, and a man.
Mary (the Mundane): You are a girl, and when you grow up, you will be a woman. Timmy is a boy, and when he grows up, he will be a man.
Stephen: And vive la difference!
Malli: And I have cute little breasts.
S: *snort*
Mary: You have non-existent breasts.
Malli: My mommy have cute breasts.
Mary and Stephen: SNORT
Malli: I go’ed up in a tree.
Stephen: You DID? Is it scary up in a tree?
M: Yes, because I seed a monster inna tree.
S: You did?
M: Yes! Did you you see the monster inna tree?
S: No, I didn’t. Did Nigel see the monster in the tree?
Nigel: I scared of monsters.
S: When I see a monster, I do this. [Slaps his palms with great fervour over his eyes.] And then it goes away.
N: I can do that.
M: I can do that!
S: And see? You’re not scared any more!
M: No! I not scared!
N: I can’t see…

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