It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Motivation for the Inert

The children play in the living room. I sit in the loveseat and glower at the whitish glop falling from the sky. It’s not particularly cold out there, but it’s certainly not appealing.

“Think we should take them out?” I ask Emma, hoping that her inertia matches my own, and her refusal will allow me to stay in with a clear(er) conscience. My plot is slightly foiled, though, when Anna lifts her head. Emma and I may lack enthusiasm, but 18-month-old Anna has caught the magic word.

“Out! Out! Out! Out!”

Emma stares at the slop outside for a moment. “Welll… It’s a little cool, but it’s not bad.” Her tone is ambivalent. She’s having the same internal battle. Virtue – Fresh Air for the Children – arm-wrestles Vice (in the form of Sloth). And a disinclination for wet feet.

“Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo!” A slipper is slapped onto my left breast. And left there, while Anna toddles back to the front hall.

“Do they all have boots with them?” I peel the slipper off my chest. Lately, given the mild weather, some have been coming with running shoes.

“Butt! Butt! Butt! Butt!” Anna returns from the front hall with one cherry red and one pink boot. Neither of them hers.

“Anna has butts, at any rate.” Emma giggles as she peeks into the hall. “Yup. Five pairs of boots out here.”

“Butt! Butt! Out! Out!”

I stand up before the tot can hurl another piece of footware at my anatomy. I may be feeling lazy, but I have a job to do, and Anna is holding me to it.

“All right, baby, you’ve convinced me. Let’s get our butts out there.”

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