It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Yesterday, we were snow-free. It had been mild, so the streets, sidewalks, rooftops and lawns were clear. Today I opened my front door and…


I’m so happy I work from home! That’s my poor sweetie, trudging into his day…

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Escape is in the Eye of the Beholder

“Where we go, Mary?”

“We’re not going anywhere today, Malli.”

“Where we go?”

“It’s yukky out there, lovie. We’re not going anywhere.”

“Where we go, Mary?”

Obviously, she thinks I’m just not ‘getting’ it. Course, we know full well she’s the one who’s not getting it.

“Malli, love, come look out the window with me. See all that snow? The sidewalks haven’t been plowed yet. If I took you lot out there, you’d drown in the slush! And now it’s raining, so the snow is very wet and heavy. The little ones couldn’t walk in it, and I couldn’t push the stroller through it. Yuk! It’s APRIL SIXTEENTH, and it’s horrible out there.” (Bitter, some?)

There. That should be suitably graphic.

“Where we go?”

Sigh. Okay, perhaps a different approach is called for. Let’s use a little imagination. Maybe we can turn it into a fun pretend game.

“When I see all that slush and mush out there, you know where I want to go? I want to go to someplace warm and sunny. Someplace with no snow. Maybe I could go on an airplane and go to a nice, sunny island. [Tahiti springs to mind. Turquoise ocean, tropical palms, handsome tanned Tahitian men in sarongs…] That’s what I’d like to do. Where would you like to go, if you could?”

“I go into the living room? And the kitchen?”

Mundane, but attainable. (And probably what she wanted all along, but Mary was being thick this morning.)

“All right, then! Let’s go to the living room!”


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