It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Helpful, helpful, helpful

There have been snuffly noses in the daycare for the last two or three weeks. It goes round and round. We go through lots and lots and lots

and lots and lots

and lots

of kleenex.

Rather wasteful, but what can you do?

Well, it seems one of the daycare tots – Nigel heads my list of suspects – has decided that kleenex can be recycled! Not via the black box, oh, no. That’s too slow. (And I don’t think you’re supposed to put tissue in there, anyway…) No, our Mystery Tot does it in Real Time.

Now, when you reach into a kleenex box, you will likely find the first one is strangely… crumpled. In fact, you are probably going to have to burrow past two or three crumpled and crusted items to get to the clean ones beneath.

And by then ‘clean’ is a questionable concept. And you really, really want to wash your hands. (All those snot germs burrowing and breeding in there? Eeww.)

All kleenex boxes have now been relegated to spots at least two metres off the floor.

Snow on Monday, spit in the eye yesterday, crusty kleenex today. Oh, and two hours of sleep last night. (Not because of babies, nor even the teens. Insomnia.)

It’s becoming ‘one of those weeks’. Urgh.

April 18, 2007 Posted by | eeewww, health and safety, Mischief | 11 Comments