It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Ah, lazy Mondays

I don’t really mind Mondays, you know. Not with this group. No sudden plunge back into mayhem, Mondays are a quiet day, a lazy day, a soft and easy introduction to the week. Why?

Naps. Mmmm… love those Monday naps.

These children all need a single afternoon nap. Anna clocks in at 1 hr 30 minutes, most days; sleeping champ Emily gets herself three and a half hours. Everyone else falls somewhere in between. But on Mondays, they all – each and every one of them – get two naps, one in the morning, on in the afternoon.

Why is that? Because on weekends at home, only one of them ever naps. Only one. Ever, at all. A combination of activity-filled weekends, and/or poorly maintained sleep patterns at home means that they all but one stagger in on Mondays with deeply shadowed eyes and cranky dispositions. And the one who naps even on weekends enjoys her extra catch-up from her busy weekend.

While I feel sorry for their fragile little Monday selves, I can’t feel bad about my quiet, two-nap Mondays.

Excuse me. Time to pour my tea and get a few chapters on in my current book.


May 7, 2007 Posted by | daycare | 15 Comments