It’s Not All Mary Poppins

My Daily Grin

“Okay, guys! Naptime! Let’s go upstairs!”

And then I get to follow their little diapered butts* up the stairs. Imagine the thumping of little hands and feet on the stairs, and the grins and giggles as they jostle each other as they go.


It just doesn’t get much cuter…

(*And yes, the lower one on the left does indeed say PRINCESS across her bottom. Couldn’t you just drown in the cuteness?)

(Hmm. I guess all you can really see is “CESS“. Which pretty much describes what I removed from those cute little pants a mere 20 minutes before this picture was taken. My livingroom is still airing out… Not so cute.)

But still! Those wee butts up the stairs! The thumping and the giggling and the jostling! Cute, cute, cute!

May 8, 2007 Posted by | sleep, the cuteness! | 8 Comments