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Why I Blog

I’ve been tagged by JennyUK to give five reasons I blog. Not sure I have five, but here we go…

1. I started blogging as an outlet for all the bitchy, snarly things that I sometimes want to get out. I soon discovered that I just don’t have that much bitchiness to get out, and, further, if people read only bitchiness here, they’d assume I am a bitch, and respond in kind. And then I’d have to pack and leave home, because I hate unncessary conflict. So my original reason fell by the wayside within about the first week.

2. I love to write.

3. After I’d been writing a while, I realized that I have a perspective that’s almost unique amongst all the mommy blogs out there. There are just not that many caregivers with blogs. I’m also older than many (most?) mommy bloggers, my kids are older, and I have a tonne of parenting experience – my own children and others’. I felt I had something valuable to offer.

4. I love to write, and I’ve often been asked about a book/thought about it myself, and one day the stuff in here might will be the basis of a book.

5. This winter, though, was hard for me. Most days the blogging was a chore, something I did more because I felt obliged than because I was enjoying it. The ideas were not flowing like water. My draft file, which normally has dozen ideas/posts in it, was dry. Each day’s post was hauled out of myself with effort, crafted from nothing. And I did it. For a whole four or five months, devoid of energy and motivation and often, desire, I simply made myself write. Because I had to, somehow. Perhaps I am a writer, after all.

(I am much better now. There are twenty posts in my draft file, I see several new ideas every day, I’m coming alive again. Phew.)

Well, then. I did have five reasons! If you wish to do this meme, let us know with a comment.

OH, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mummies out there!!!

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