It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Time’s a-wastin’

I am getting married in a week. In seven days, three hours and eleven minutes. Roughly.

Am I excited? Yes! No. Yes! Um, well. Yes, yes, yes, I am! (A little frazzled, when I stop to think about details, but overall, excited! YEAH!)

Am I ready? Well…

We have the reverend.
We have the license.
We have the venue.
We have food.
We have music.
We have our witnesses: our oldest children. There will be no other wedding party.
I have a dress.
Adam has a new suit (his very first!!) and dress shoes (his very first!!) He looks like a MAN.
Emma has a new dress and matching shoes. (She looks like a WOMAN. Which, given she’s only 13, is a little more unnerving than Adam’s 18-year-old manliness…)
Stephen’s heap o’offspring is all set, I think, once Middle Girl was assured that yes, she can wear pants.
Haley arrives on Thursday!
We have decorations, though they need a bit more work.
The reply cards have all returned. I had to phone a few people, but now I know.
No worries about flowers – we’re not having any.
Will there be a cake? Not sure. (Can I get one with a week’s notice? Do I care?)

Which sounds reasonably comprehensive, right? That’s a wedding, pretty much, right? Right?

Before the wedding I need to:
Confirm numbers with the food people.
Pay food people.
Sort out the readings. Probably Shakespeare’s CXVI sonnet. Everybody uses 1 Cor. 13, but if not that, what? NOT Kahlil Gibran, thanks.
Look into possibility of cake. Maybe.
Arrange to get 40 balloons filled with helium. On a stat holiday. Oops.
Sort out decorations.
Talk to the minister again. (Do we need a rehearsal for an 8-minute ceremony?)
Get my hair done.
Get the kids’ hair done?
Emma and I plan to have our eyebrows waxed. Ooo, girly bonding.
Make sure Stephen’s shirt and my dress don’t clash.
Lose 12 pounds.

Simple enough, right?

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