It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Time’s a-wastin’

I am getting married in a week. In seven days, three hours and eleven minutes. Roughly.

Am I excited? Yes! No. Yes! Um, well. Yes, yes, yes, I am! (A little frazzled, when I stop to think about details, but overall, excited! YEAH!)

Am I ready? Well…

We have the reverend.
We have the license.
We have the venue.
We have food.
We have music.
We have our witnesses: our oldest children. There will be no other wedding party.
I have a dress.
Adam has a new suit (his very first!!) and dress shoes (his very first!!) He looks like a MAN.
Emma has a new dress and matching shoes. (She looks like a WOMAN. Which, given she’s only 13, is a little more unnerving than Adam’s 18-year-old manliness…)
Stephen’s heap o’offspring is all set, I think, once Middle Girl was assured that yes, she can wear pants.
Haley arrives on Thursday!
We have decorations, though they need a bit more work.
The reply cards have all returned. I had to phone a few people, but now I know.
No worries about flowers – we’re not having any.
Will there be a cake? Not sure. (Can I get one with a week’s notice? Do I care?)

Which sounds reasonably comprehensive, right? That’s a wedding, pretty much, right? Right?

Before the wedding I need to:
Confirm numbers with the food people.
Pay food people.
Sort out the readings. Probably Shakespeare’s CXVI sonnet. Everybody uses 1 Cor. 13, but if not that, what? NOT Kahlil Gibran, thanks.
Look into possibility of cake. Maybe.
Arrange to get 40 balloons filled with helium. On a stat holiday. Oops.
Sort out decorations.
Talk to the minister again. (Do we need a rehearsal for an 8-minute ceremony?)
Get my hair done.
Get the kids’ hair done?
Emma and I plan to have our eyebrows waxed. Ooo, girly bonding.
Make sure Stephen’s shirt and my dress don’t clash.
Lose 12 pounds.

Simple enough, right?

May 14, 2007 - Posted by | wedding


  1. Oh I want to come! You had better have loads of photos to show us! I’m so excited for you x

    Comment by jenny uk | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. Congratulations on the nuptials. Are you using Cor 1:13? We didn’t use it; we had a church wedding and used Song of Songs, 1 John 4, and the gospel was about the “lilies of the field”. I always liked ECCLESIASTES 4, too, “two are better than one.” Good Luck! Make it yours!

    Comment by albamaria30 | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. Kathy and I are such fans of the 116th Sonnet that not only did we use it at our wedding, truemind(dot)org is our domain name.

    I vote for cake, even if it’s just a sheet cake (or two) from a local supermarket.

    Congrats again, and good luck!

    Comment by aaron | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. Why am I excited for you? I don’t know why but I am. Have Fun!

    Comment by Peter | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  5. We used Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (To everything there is a season, etc.) and part of Robert Browning’s Rabbi Ben Ezra (which starts out “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be). That one is really long, so we just picked verses we liked.

    Congratulations! And, if you figure out how to lose 12 pounds in a week, let me know.

    Comment by candace | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  6. Congratulations! It sounds like a great wedding.

    My bits of advice —

    You can get a cake very quickly if you don’t mention that it’s a wedding cake. I mean really, cake is cake, right?

    If you get the special goo in the balloons, they’ll last for weeks, so no worries if you get them done on Saturday or whenever. It adds about 40 cents per dozen balloons, IIRC.

    And no, you don’t need to rehearse an 8-minute ceremony! You all know what you’re doing, more or less, and it’s fun to just do it, IMO.


    Comment by Robyn | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  7. I second the “Yay, cake!” Just sheet cake from your local bakery & if you want to fancy it up, just get them to add some frosting flowers or bells or something. Easy-peasy.

    And congrats!

    Comment by Ms. Huis Herself | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  8. Cake: dairy queen does wedding cakes last minute, I know, although then you’d have to deal with storing ice cream cakes.

    My outfit: I’m wearing dress pants and a pink 3/4 length sleeve dress shirt. That okay? I don’t really have a dress appropriate for the occasion and pants travel better.

    Awwww eyebrow waxing. I want to come!

    Comment by Haley | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  9. It all sounds wonderful. I’m so happy for all of you.

    Comment by ann adams | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  10. Instead of cake, how ’bout a round of chillers? Or maybe that should be chillers instead of wine.

    Comment by Stephen | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  11. congratulations! that’s very exciting. sonnet 116 is my fav of all time, so good call with that. e.e. cummings has some beautiful love poems as well, like “i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my” and “i love you much(most beautiful darling”

    wishing you all the best. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Lara | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  12. Yay cake, absolutely. You can do fancier than sheet cake, even – just order a cake from (local small?) bakery. Yum. All celebrations are better with cake. (ooo, or ice cream cake from [ice cream place]? logistically more complicated of course, since frozen things tend to melt.)

    As for readings – depending on how religious you are, you can certainly do nice bible readings that aren’t 1st Cor 13; do you have a favorite? We used Micah 6:8ish (my favorite bible verse) and 1John4:7-12, since they seemed an appropriate way to frame a life together. Of course, those of other spiritual persuasions may be otherwise inclined. I will ponder. πŸ™‚

    And of course – so exciting! Wishing you a calm week and a joyful celebration.

    Comment by parodie | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  13. We may not be invited, but a lot of people will be there nevertheless, in thought and spirit. Would you be disturbed if I told you I was planning to dress in a tuxedo and sit around in my apartment with a couple bottles of champagne come the 21st? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the link to the Gibran quote. I love it!

    Comment by Michael (a.k.a. Snaars) | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  14. Ooh. I say yes to cake…even something simple from a grocery store or a nice bakery. For birthdays at my house we now use individual pieces of cake from a European bakery…lots of different flavours that way.

    Also, dollar stores in malls often have helium balloons and are open even on holidays.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Remember to breathe and that it’s your day. People won’t notice if the decorations aren’t exact…it’s about you and your family. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Karin | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  15. Congratulations! Sounds like you have everything under control πŸ™‚ I definitely say yeah to cake – although we did carrot cake, which is a little unusual.

    For readings, there is a lovely one from The Velveteen Rabbit that we used. Also unusual…probably tells you a bit about us as a couple!

    Hope you have a lovely day and wonderful marriage!

    Comment by Susan W | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  16. Does it have to be a bible reading? I remember in the movie ‘In her Shoes’ it was a beautiful addition to the movie wedding when they read ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ by e.e. cummings. And congrats!!!
    (I hope this doesn’t double post – three year olds playing with keys while you’re typing can do that!)

    Comment by Alison | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  17. Congratulations Mary! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Comment by BookMama | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  18. JennyUK: I’m excited, too. There will be pictures. I’ll have to decide whether and then where to post them.

    Albamaria: Oh, that Eccliastes one is a good one. We’d considered it for another occasion, actually, that never happened, so maybe we can use it this time!

    Aaron: I’ve loved that sonnet since I discovered it in university, when I was 18 or so. It’s one of the few things I loved then that I still think is wonderful… And one vote for cake. Okay.

    Peter: You can be excited! Excited is fun. And thank you!

    Candace: Those are great suggestions, especially given that we’ve been together ten years already. Very often the questions we hear are, “Why now?” “Why not ten years ago?”, or, “Why bother at all?” It’d be nice to have a reading that addressed those (reasonable enough) questions.

    We have a plaque in our bedroom with the “Grow old along with me” quote on it – and did you know, till this moment, though I knew the author, I didn’t know its source! Thanks!

    Robyn: I knew about the goo. Then I have to store 50 balloons in my teeny house. Hmm… I’m still thinking about it… I think I agree with you: no rehearsal necessary. And now that’s two votes for cake.

    Ms Huis: Three votes for cake…

    Haley: Okay, then. We’ll do a three-women-girly-bonding-eyebrow-wax outing on Saturday, if I can get us all an appointment. (And will the google machines make something perverted out of that, I wonder?) Your outfit sounds fine. I’ve drawn the line at jeans or sweats, is all.

    Ann: Thanks. We’re looking forward to it!

    Stephen: Oh, that’s BRILLIANT!! Think Dave and Wally would lend us their machine??? We won’t be coming in that day, after all…

    (Will we?)

    Lara: I’ll have to look that one up. All these ideas! This is great. I should make a point of asking questions of the internet more often!

    Parodie: Those are both good passages. (And now I have a 1 John 4 song running through my head… catchy little ditty it is, too, darnit, right before bed…) I like that Micah one. A couple more for us to add to the list of potentials.

    Vote #4 for cake.

    Michael: I know Stephen would love to be able to invite you all. Failing that, attendance in spirit sounds lovely. And know that in your tux, you’ll be the best-dressed attendee, in body or in spirit! Including the groom.

    Karin: Dollar stores! Smart woman. I checked in at the local dollar store, a mere two blocks from the pub – and they are willing to make an appointment to meet me on the holiday, just to inflate the balloons for me. How’s THAT for service?

    Five votes for cake.

    SusanW: Carrot cake? Now there’s an idea. There’s at least one family member who never eats any other kind of cake. (Not me. I generally don’t eat cake atall.) And you make six for cake.

    Alison: That’s two of you suggesting that poem. Definitely have to look it up! (Yes, it double posted. No problem – I deleted the duplicate.)

    BookMama: Thank you. Stay tuned for further bulletins. πŸ™‚

    Comment by MaryP | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  19. I haven’t commented much lately, but I’m still reading. Good luck…and I vote for cake too. I agree with the person who said go to a bakery and tell them what you want…but don’t tell them it’s a wedding cake…that would probably drive both the price and the frustration up.

    Comment by Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad | May 14, 2007 | Reply

  20. Congratulations!

    “Cakey, cakey, cake! Yay!” is what Q says. You can always get cake at the last minute, as long as you don’t tell them it’s for a wedding.

    One of our friends used the priest’s speech from “The Princess Bride” as his reading during our ceremony, except without the lips. “Mawwidge.” I recommend you don’t use that one. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Lady M | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  21. Congratulations!

    Gibran is very special to me and my husband — we were both born on January 6 and so was Kahlil Gibran. ^_^

    Here’s a lovely poem by Wislawa Szymborska about falling in love:

    I discovered this too late for my wedding but I would have loved to use this one:
    Margaret Atwood’s “Variation on the Word Sleep”

    Comment by tin cc-ong | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  22. Darren: Agreed. I learned that lesson when I was looking for a venue. I quickly learned to tell them it was for an anniversary party, NOT a wedding. I could just hear the dollar signs in their voices when I said “wedding”.

    LadyM: Gee, how can I disappoint the tot? Guess I have to have a cake now! Do you know, for all I’ve seen that movie about 6 times, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in its entirety. For some reason or other, I’d be zipping in and out of the room… I don’t know that speech at all.

    tin cc-ong: As I said to Lara, above, I’m going to have to ask questions of my internet more often! We are making note of all these great ideas. Lots of things we would never have thought of in here, and all so nice. Thanks for your suggestions! (Oh, and welcome! Have you commented before?)

    Comment by MaryP | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  23. Have you considered ice cream cake? Or would that remind you too much of work? *lol*

    Definitely get the kids’ hair done. Any excuse for indulgent beautification, I say. (Maybe get a relaxation massage while you’re at it. *g*)

    I love weddings! πŸ˜€

    Comment by Kat | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  24. Congratulations Mary!

    All the best to you and Stephen. May you live happily ever after…cheesy but sincere.

    All the best,

    Comment by Sheri | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  25. Here’s another vote for cake, but I am not really fond of ice cream cake. I like the simple ones that you can just buy off the shelf at the grocery store.

    Your wedding sounds lovely. We had a 5 minute ceremony, but we did rehearse it. More for the preacher than for us. He wasn’t used to doing things that simply.

    Comment by ktjrdn | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  26. Congrats, Mary! Hope it’s just as you want it.

    If it’s any help – we got our plain chocolate mousse cakes, covered in simple chocolate curls, from an industrial bakery for cheap, and they could do that with little notice, I’ll bet. It was pretty as it was, but we stuck a few flowers on top for good measure.

    Comment by kittenpie | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  27. Of course you have it all more than in hand madame. Cake. Yes carrot cake is a real regular west coast wedding cake. Maybe it would go especially nicely with that Velveteen Rabbit reading suggestion.

    Me, I’d suggest a tongue in cheek version of I love you forever. Of course. Congratulations Mary

    Comment by mo-wo | May 15, 2007 | Reply

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