It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Food as Art

Lunch. Chili on rice with green beans. A bib-imperative meal.

BUT! Bibs? Hello, bibs? I can find precisely ONE. Where did they go? How did they get there? Not a flippin’ clue, but I have five children ranged round the table, salivating. I can’t keep them waiting long.

I don’t do disposable much, but paper towels were made for times like this. I tuck one under four chins. The messiest chin (Timmy!) gets the sole bib. (Timmy is not a picky eater, but he’s slooooow. Slow, because every morsel of food must be examined, rolled between his fingers, peered at, sniffed, and finally smeared everywhere – table, face, hands, arms, top of head – before it actually disappears into his mouth. I figure he’s so slim because two-thirds of each meal is lost in the smearing, deposited hither and yon long before it can be ingested. Food as sculpting medium.)

At the end of the meal, one filthy bib, and three filthy paper towels are removed from four relatively tidy tummies.

The fifth paper towel? Seems Emily has taken up Timmy’s hobby, and has been doing a little sculpting, herself. There, on Emily’s tray, atop a slimy pile of rejected kidney beans, lay the sodden, shredded remains of her bib. White on red. Fabric on slime on fabric. Ugh. I think next time Emily will get the One True Bib.

May 29, 2007 Posted by | eeewww, food, Mischief | 3 Comments