It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Shades of Hannibal


Seen it before, deal with it, see it no more. I’ve been through this loop any number of times.

This is a new group of kids. And we have developed a biter. Timmy. He gnawed up poor little Emily’s arm the other day when they were playing behind the couch.

Timmy is no longer allowed to play behind the couch.

The biting doesn’t particularly bother me. We can deal with biting. I’m keeping a sharp eye on the boy, and so far he hasn’t managed to make dental contact with any of the others since poor Emily. Not to say he hasn’t tried, mind you, but we’re making behavioural headway, and even the attempts are diminishing in frequency.

Nope, the biting in and of itself is not earth-shattering. No, it’s Timmy. You see, the the thing is… before he bites?

He licks his lips.


June 25, 2007 Posted by | aggression, eeewww, health and safety, Timmy | 10 Comments