It’s Not All Mary Poppins


I haven’t brought you on an outing lately. Time for a trip with Mary.

Everything is fascinating when you’re almost two years old! Why are there holes in the old stone fence? What can you see though them???
THIS, as it happens. Well worth the look. (Though given the fence is only, oh, four feet high, I prefer to lean on the railing and look over.) These locks are part of the Rideau Waterway, joining the Ottawa River, which you can see at the far end of this picture, to (eventually) Kingston. They are old by North American standards, and are manual – on any summer day, you will see the attendants cranking the gates open and closed.

Lots of fun. Today, though, no boats. The lower floor of that building on your right is the Museum of Photography. Those two buildings on the left? The first one is (I believe) the lockmaster’s. I could be wrong… The little building further down and only partially visible is the Bytown Museum. (Ottawa was originally called Bytown.)
A little further down that same street, Mary and the masses pass through these imposing gates. Where are we going?
Here! Parliament Hill, seat of Canadian Government. What do four toddlers do with all that history? Not much. Mostly they roll about on the lawn, eat snack (strawberries purchased at the market just minutes before – I can tell you about that in another post), and screech at various vehicles. The lawnmower, the street-sweeper, an airplane overhead.
On the way out, we checked out the Centennial Flame. The picture doesn’t make it entirely clear, but what you’re seeing is a fountain, a sheet of water running down the sloped sides of that centre bit, out of which flames continually flicker. Is very cool, and endlessly entertaining for children.

A day well spent. I love this city!

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Recalibration Time

The two weeks without a computer gave me an opportunity to reorganize my time in a way that I’m really enjoying. I have a whole life outside this screen – imagine that! – and there are things I need to/want to/should be doing that I could do much better if I didn’t spend so much time in front of it.

Not to worry! I am not quitting blogging.

I am, however, scaling back a bit. Henceforth, you can expect posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Nothing says I mightn’t toss off a post on another day, but these are my official blogging days.

Not to worry again – THIS is not today’s post. I have one planned for this afternoon, with pictures, and everything. Mostly pictures, really.

See you later!

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