It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Parenting takes backbone

Overheard in the park. Two mothers, each with a kindergarten-age child and an almost-year-old baby:

Mother number one: “My four-year-old has taken to screaming – just SCREAMING! – in the night. It’s not nightmares, she’s not sick. She’s just mad. She’s doing it night after night, she’s waking up the baby, no one’s sleeping, and I just don’t know what to doooo.”

Mother number two: “Mine tried that last week. I took her downstairs and threw her onto the couch in the family room. Told her if she was going to scream, she could do it in here.”

“You left her ALONE?”

“Why not? I leave her alone in her bedroom. There’s nothing in the family room that can hurt her. And I’m sick of being woken up. She hasn’t done it since, she’s back in her own bed, and everyone is happy.”

Heh. I love mother number two.

Mother number one followed up with “I could never do tha-at“, as if by letting the four-year-old bear the consequence of her behaviour and make a different, more healthy and considerate choice, mother number two had somehow abused the child.

But in mother number two’s home, everyone is sleeping.

July 10, 2007 Posted by | behavioural stuff, parenting, sleep | 12 Comments