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Three Minutes of Malli, Or, Why I love Three-year-olds

(A little prior information is necessary here. Malli is the much-doted-upon youngest child of three. She has two older siblings, about 7 and 10 years old. Both of them brothers.)

Malli: Mike [a neighbour] is the boss.

Mary: Who is, lovey?

Malli: Mike. He’s the boss.

Mary: Well, maybe he’s the boss at his house. [Though I think his wife might have a word or two on the subject..] Who’s the boss here?

Malli: You are.

[Heh. Good answer, kiddo! She’s so smart.]

Malli: My sister has a nice house.

Mary: [Rule of thumb with random proclamations in total defiance of all known reality: Don’t Quibble. You find out more by going with the flow.] She does?

Malli: Uh-huh. A nice house that’s big enough for me. It’s a big enough house. It’s a little house. I have a sister now. Her house is under a bridge. I live in down the bridge with my sister. I do. I do. I do. I do, Mary, I do. (All this repetition is more in the order of a meditative chant than anything else.)

And you know? I did give my sister that new house today. I did. My sister has a pink house. But it’s not too big, it’s nice and smaller.

Mary: [okay, I have to break in and probe for details.] When did you get your sister?

Malli: I got my sister at my doctors, to my mommy. I taked her to the doctors. I took my sister to the doctors. We go to a walk, but we… and we go to the doctors. And I will going to take care of her. She has a nice house, a small house under the bridge, and we live in the house together, today. Today. Today. Today.

My sister have a band-aid at her house. My sister’s name is Inna. She is name is Inna. [ Or is it Enna? I’m not sure.] And I take her to the doctors, then the mommy says, “Okay. You can gonna take care of her.” And I am gonna take care of her. I – you and me – hold her hand like walking like that. No holding no hands walking by herself, that is not safe. We like to hold hands.

And we have a nice house. A little house. A pink house. It is across the street. An easy-builder house across the street.

And my sister soon make too much noise and crying and I just heared that noise and I just must shoot her.

Mary: [Rule of thumb flies out the window with the shock.] Shoot her?!?

Malli: Yes, like Anna. I must just shoot her for her to stop crying.

Mary: [weak with relief] Oh! She needs a soother like Anna?

Malli: Yes, just a shoot her. It’s a silly one, but a silly sister might need a shoot her for her to be happy and quiet– Mary, I think Samantha is awake.

Mary: Samantha? Who’s Samantha?

Malli: Yes, Samantha inna bedroom by when I go to the baffroom.

Mary: That’s not Samantha. That’s Ki-woon.

Malli: Ki-woon, yes.

Mary: I guess I should put the computer away now, huh?

Malli: Yes, you should close the ‘puter and go help Ki-woon come downstairs. He is talking to you and needs to see you and talk to you.

Mary: All right, lovey. Let’s get Ki-woon.

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