It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Caught your attention? And it’s not just a gimmick! I really HAVE written an article about sex, only not here.

Work it, Mom! hosted an essay contest on the topic of keeping the spark in your marriage, and I submitted a response. Moreover, there’s the possibility of a PRIZE for me!! If I win, of course.

And how do I win? By having lots and lots and lots of YOU GUYS go over there and VOTE FOR ME.

So please, follow this link, read, (laugh, I hope), and then vote, vote, vote.

July 25, 2007 - Posted by | sex


  1. Excellent essay Mary.

    I love the bit about spooning!

    With tots or teens, a healthy sex life often turns into stealthy sexcapades. Is that really bad though?

    Still, I’m looking forward to the day when I can greet my Hubby after work with nothing on but an apron. 😛

    Comment by Sheri | July 25, 2007 | Reply

  2. And you freaking WON the contest! Look at YOU!

    Comment by jen | July 25, 2007 | Reply

  3. Congrats Mary.

    I did end up registering at WorkitMom and voting for you but clearly you didn’t need it! Way to go.

    Comment by Sheri | July 26, 2007 | Reply

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