It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Black Days in July

Once again, for your entertainments and mine, we shall eavesdrop on the tots. What’s going on in their funny little minds innocent little worlds today?

George (he’s five now, remember): “It was a black day in July, Nigel.”
Nigel (two and a half): A black day!
George: Yes, and the people were afraid and they all stayed inside.
Nigel: Evee-buddy was afraid. Inside the house.
George: A black day in July.

Isn’t it fascinating when they do this? He’s got a piece of something, for sure, but only a tantalizing bit of it. Not enough to give a curious adult the necessary context. But “black day in July”? Has to be a line from a song or a poem. George may not be able to give me the context, but I”ll bet Mr. Google can. Clickety-tappity-tap. I commune with my laptop on the dining table.

George, meantime, has moved across the kitchen to the Sandra Boynton calendar hanging on the fridge.

(Ooo, got it! It is a song, a song which commemorates a particular historical event.)

“The first Black Day in July was on a Tuesday,” says George, “and the second was on another Tuesday, and then on a Sunday. Then there is one on a Friday and another Sunday.” Well done, George! He knows this is July, and clearly he can read the days on the calendar.

Nigel: How do you know?
George: The calendar says so.

My Sandra Boynton calendar? Sandra Boynton, reknowned for cute hippos and fuzzy kitties, has created a month littered with Black Days?

“And Nigel, you better be careful on the Black Days in July, because there was a riot. There was a riot and people were afraid to go out.”

“A riot.”

“Yes. Lots of fighting and throwing things and being bad and scared.”

George’s face lights up. He has inspired himself. He picks up a block from the bin in the kitchen. (The calendar is littered with Black Days; my home is littered with toys. Are we surprised?)

“Hey, Nigel!! Want to play riot?!?!??”

Eek. Let’s just nip that Very Bad Idea in the bud, shall we? I stroll into the kitchen. Oh, so casually. George leaps away from Nigel, drops the block and takes a car from the parking garage. (Which is also in the kitchen. On the other side as the blocks, beside the craft cabinet.)

“Want to play cars, Nigel?” The very picture of innocence. (Didn’t I tell you he was smart?)

Mary, meantime, is perusing the calendar – and what do you know! There are “black days” in July. Seven of them, in fact!

Wanna see???
Just like he said: Sunday, Friday, and Sunday.

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