It’s Not All Mary Poppins



Kat at Menage a Kat has nominated me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger, which pleases me no end because I love the shiny pink button. And even nicer than a shiny pink button are the shiny pink things she says about this blog in her post. Thanks, Kat.

Now I get to share the fun by picking out five female bloggers who I really appreciate. THIS will be much harder…

Average Mom. AM doesn’t post regularly, but her posts are always worth the read. I love her matter-of-fact presentation. She doesn’t sugar-coat, but she’s no cynic. So, to you up there in the Yukon, your very own pink button!

Mir. I know, everybody loves Mir, but I had to put her here anyway. Nor do I expect her to actually post this button, because it so does not go with the colour scheme of her hugely professional template. (No, really! It’s gorgeous, and pink would just be… eeeww…) I’ve been reading her for over a year, and she never fails to make me laugh, and sometimes has me heaving a “that’s-so-touching” girly sigh. And she got married this summer, just like me!

Wendz. Wendy is a fascinating combination of romanticism and edginess, sentiment and card shark. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she loves her two boys to distraction – even if it’s not always a sure bet they’ll live past their formative years.

I’d love to link to Laura, (ha! I just did!) but, unlike me, she has a life that precludes much blogging these days. But if you haven’t read her, go check out the archives. And who know? Now that she’s GRADUATED, maybe she’ll be back!

I can’t link you to Jen’s home blog, which is private, but I can link you to her latest venture – Work It, Mom! Jen doesn’t do it on her own, but I’m betting that energy of hers makes her a powerhouse to have on board. There’s a whole host of Rockin’ Girl Bloggers over there – go check it out, wander around, explore!

There. Five women whose blogs make me laugh, make me sigh, make me think – every day. Congratulations, you Rockin’ women! Post the button (if you like), and share your five favourite Rockin’ Girl blogs with us.

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