It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Idle Chatter

From last month:

“I’m painting a very hot day.” George’s page is steadily turning solid red under his brush. “It’s so, so hot that the sun turned everything to fire.”

“Kind of like today?”

“Yeah. Mary, why don’t you have an air conditioner like at my house?”

“Some days it would be nice, wouldn’t it?”


“Did you know that when you paint things fast, they dry fast?”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

Still don’t, but it would be unkind to say so.

From last week:

Anna: “I’m doing sumpeeng my daddy. He doeen sumpeeng his daddy, too.”

Nigel: “It’s not for my daddy. It’s just to put on my wall. I’ll ask my mom if I can put these on my wall.”

Anna: “My daddy put the wall. My daddy might…so happy!”

Nigel: “You daddy will be happy because you made him a picture. He will put it on the wall.”

From yesterday:

George (who started SK last week and has dropped by after school to collect little brother Nigel): I made a new friend at school today!

Mary: Good for you! A new friend on the first day of school! A boy or a girl?

George: (incredulous) A boy, of course!!!

Mary: What’s his name?

George: I don’t know.

Mary: You didn’t ask him? Well, maybe you could find out tomorrow.

George: Why?

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