It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Me? Organized?

I have never really considered myself to be an organized person. There is generally clutter of one sort or another laying about my house, there are tasks that should get done but don’t, there is a to-do list far longer than my arm.

But gradually, it’s creeping into my consciousness that I may be more organized than I give myself credit. My husband reminds me that I tend to a dozen kids through the course of a week. My friends remind me that they have trouble keeping up with one toddler, never mind five or six. My children generally take it for granted that I know where stuff is – and I generally do. (Except my purse, my cell phone, and my keys…)

So, maybe I don’t do so badly, all in all. Still, clutter-busting articles and info. always call to me with their siren-song of a beautiful, open home, light bouncing off all those glowing, clean and clear surfaces…


And that is why I found myself reading this article. I loved it. It’s so organized! Three steps here, four key points there, and lots of good ideas. And, and, and… I… I already do just about every single thing she suggests!


Craft Storage?




There are always things I could do better – with school just kicking off, the tips for dealing with the notes and reminders is timely, and I hereby promise to do better this year. My old storage-and-filing system is not very efficient, and, besides, it would be nice to see the front of my fridge after the end of next week…

But all in all?


I think I am organized!

September 13, 2007 Posted by | crafts, daycare | 6 Comments