It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Ye Canna Change the Laws of Physics

Timmy brought a balloon to daycare today. A lovely, blue helium-filled balloon from a birthday party he attended last night.

Of course, you bring something to Mary’s house, you share it. (Exceptions made for true lovies.) Balloons are not lovies. It was a bit traumatic, but after giving everyone else a go, the balloon was returned to a shaken and trembling Tim.

Who then proceeded to continue to share it. I am so proud. He is so weird.

The balloon amuses one and all for the rest of the morning. It is tossed and punched and bounced and sat on. It is dragged and dropped and bounced off heads. It is a wonderful, wonderful toy. It is also slowly but inexorably losing its helium. It no longer floats, it limps. Furthermore, it is now encased in dustballs and cat hair.


Shortly before lunch, the others having finally tired of the balloon, Timmy amused himself by pinching the largely-deflated latex hairball. He’d draw his fingers slowly together, then let the pinched latex go with a SNAP. It makes a hideous sound, latex does, when it’s pinched.




Screech! Gigglegigglegiggle…


The giggles are cute and all, but they’re not as cute as the SKREEK-ing is awful. I squat down in front of the boy.


Gigglegigglegiggle… There is a glint of silver…


The balloon vanishes. HOW did THAT happen???

Timmy eyes the twist of shrivelled latex dangling from the pale lavender ribbon in his hand. And bursts into…


He looks once again at the bit of blue, looks at me, still laughing.


He took the bad news very well.

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