It’s Not All Mary Poppins


If you walked into Mary’s house right now – well, really? A couple of hours ago. Right now it’s naptime, but I like to write in the present tense – so, if you were to walk into Mary’s house, you’d think you were stepping into a sea of contentment. Happy children, playing happily. The quiet murmur of little voices. The rattle of toys. Industrious harmony. So peaceful!

It looks like that. But really? What you see are separate, and probably armed, camps.

After a morning spent squabbling, squabbling, squabbling, and Mary teaching negotiation, empathy, patience… Mary lost patience. “Right, then.”

“YOU. Play with this toy. NOT that toy. THIS toy.”
“YOU. Here’s your toy. Play HERE. Not there. HERE.”
“YOU. Have some shapes. No, not you, YOU have the cups. Go play with the cups.”

Course, as soon as you say “If you can’t play nicely together, you can’t play together,” then all they want to do is PLAY TOGETHER. Which, most days is a lovely idea, in fact, most days it’s one of the top items on the agenda, but today? Today it’s just not working, and for the next half-hour we’re all going to TAKE A BREAK from all the togetherness, okay?

Peace? No, my friends. What you see here is detente.

September 27, 2007 Posted by | aggression, daycare, manners, power struggle, socializing | 9 Comments