It’s Not All Mary Poppins

There’s no such thing as a Stupid Question

I am peeling carrots.
“What are those, Mary?”

I was a teacher, once. In many ways, I still am. As a teacher, I firmly believe the concept behind the adage, “There are no stupid questions.”

I am peeling carrots.
“You peelin’ dose carrots, Mary?”
(Same kid, who didn’t get an answer to first question.)

It is important that we not be ashamed to reveal what we don’t know. Otherwise, we handicap our ability to learn.

I am carrying snack to the table.
“Is that our snack?”
“We going to eat that?”

And, so handicapped, we continue in the ignorance that shames us.

I am putting on my shoes, the shoes I wear every day.
“Are those your shoes?”

It’s a vicious circle. Self-consciousness => unwillingness to ask questions => no answers=> continued ignorance.

Emma walks in through the door.
“Is that Emma?”
“Did Emma come home now?”

Ask that question, and learn. Swallow that question, and continue in ignorance.

I lay a child on the floor and start on the diaper.
“Is that my diaper?”
“You takin’ my diaper off?”
“I gettin’ a clean bum?”

It is important to free yourself of the handicap of self-consciousness.

A child falls and commences to wail.
“Did she fall down?”
(The child had witnessed the fall.)
“Is she crying?”
“Is you kissin’ her bo-bo?”

Blurt out that question! Plunge into the adventure that is learning!

Timmy is getting his shoes on.
“Are those are Timmy’s socks?”

But you know … accepting all the above as I sincerely do …

“Is your name Mary?”

There are such things as stupid questions.

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