It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Nigel, Nigel, Nigel

Nigel is feeling obstreperous this morning.

We go to the park. We sit at the edge, the five of us, digging in the sand. Nigel has a bucket and shovel, like everyone else. His bucket is, apparently, far better than the other four identical buckets. He is indignant when the other children do not acknowledge his superiority. Worse, they don’t even care!

Nigel trundles off with a bucket of sand, ascends the stairs on the play structure, and proceeds to dump his bucket of dirt down the slide. Damp dirt, as it’s a rather chill and damp day.

“Nigel, it’s fun to play with the sand, but we can’t dump it down the slide. People want to sit on the slide, and they will get their bums all dirty. You can dump the sand on the table in the play house, if you like.” I explain as I swipe the slide clear of dirt.

Nigel trundles down the steps and gets himself another bucket of sand. Which he proceeds to dump down the slide.

“Nigel. What did I say about the slide?”

“Don’t dump sand onna slide.”

“Exactly. Now come clean the slide off.”

He does. With a scowl. Then gets his little bucket, fills it with sand, AND DUMPS IT DOWN THE SLIDE. And scowls at me.

“Okay, Nigel. Come off the play structure. No more climbing for you.”

With another scowl — this is threatening to become permanent — Nigel stomps down the stairs. Stomps across the dirt. Stomps back to the others, who are still digging, chattering together, peaceful little companions to each other.

“Hey! Timmy! Get outta my spot!”

Seems like Nigel is going to have One of Those Days.

October 23, 2007 Posted by | aggression, Nigel, outings | 14 Comments