It’s Not All Mary Poppins

It’s a sign of mental health …

… to take pleasure in small things. Witness the following example of my robust mental health:

Timmy walks by. A nasty huge green fog follows him.

The diaper reveals a small marble of poo. How something so small can pollute an entire room is beyond me, but Timmy’s little marbles are the atom bomb of stench.

Half hour later, another noisome marble.

Half hour after that, another.

At this rate, the boy is going to befoul the air quality through the entire rest of the day. I can already see a faint greeny-brown miasma clinging to the walls. The atomic bomb stench is close to becoming visible. Something must be done before we all keel over from lack of oxygen.

I offer him a quarter cup of prune juice. He’s dubious (and who can blame him? loathesome stuff, it is) but with a certain amount of coaxing, it goes down.

And I wait. Half an hour later, another noxious marble. And half an hour after that —

A HUGE poo.

And half an hour after that? Nothing. No marbles, no toots, no nothing. Fresh air regains its hold over the house.

I love prune juice.

November 8, 2007 Posted by | eeewww, health and safety, Timmy | 16 Comments