It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Houston, we have babble

“Three little And my Uncle David monkeys ABCD jumping on two little ESG monkeys lives at Towonto swinging the bed one HIJSAY fell in a tree, in a house in Towonto along off and bumped ALLAMANAcame a and Auntie Ella lives crocodile as his head PEEas in Montreal and she quiet as can be and mama the talks French with everybody but first monkey said YOU can’t Auntie Ella says English at me catch called the doctor ME…. and the doctor said SNAP!!!”

No, I haven’t lost my mind (yet). I haven’t been drinking (too early). And never at work, anyway (for real). No illicit substances, either (no comment).

“That’s a couple of really special, special … Um, yum, that’s my … that’s yours, and this one is mine and that is ours … I have some hot chocolate and … ”

What you’re hearing are snippets from my day. That first paragraph is a re-creation, as near as I can manage it, of the babble that floated back to me as we walked down the street, two in the stroller and three outriggers.

“Do you want to be a princess? … And me, too! … I’m telling she, do you need this?”

They’re a louder group than they were a year ago. Assuming no screamers in the junior bunch, a group of two-year-olds can out-vocalize a group of one-year-olds hands down. There is little to compare with the babble potential of four two-year-olds.

Unless it’s the babble potential for four three-year-olds.

It’s going to be a loud (and entertaining) year.

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