It’s Not All Mary Poppins


I’m back to work, but the kids are still on holiday. Urgh.

Five toddlers, six teens, one husband, two cats, a guinea pig, a hamster — and me, over there, cowering in a corner, waiting for it all to be over, and everyone to just GO AWAY.

Except they don’t.


Maybe next year I won’t take the days after Christmas as holiday. Because they aren’t really holidays and why waste the days off? I work from home, so I’m available for my kids anyway, toddlers or no toddlers. And then, with the kids all safely back at school and the husband back to work, THEN I could take a week off.

No toddlers, no teens, no husband. Just me and the cats and the caged wildlife, who, really, aren’t nearly as much work as the rest of them. And they’re much, much, MUCH quieter.

Now, there’s a thought …

January 3, 2008 Posted by | Christmas, daycare, holidays, the dark side | 2 Comments