It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Glub, glub …

Christmas was a busy time. With eight children in our joint family, our wee house gets a bit crowded. Even though the kids are now old enough that a few have apartments of their own, they mostly all show up over Christmas.

That makes for a busy, crowded house. It makes for lots of comings and goings, lots of laughter, lots of food. And lots of laundry.

and lots
and lots
and LOTS
of laundry.

On their final day here, my husband, their father, sent his brood to their respective rooms to clean up before they left. What hadn’t occurred to me, though it should, was that “cleaning up” included “removing from the floor the carpet of discarded clothing we’ve been accumulating for the past eight days.”

It should have occured to me because I do laundry every day. With that many bodies in the house, it’s essential. You’d think I’d have noticed the dearth of items from those particular children. (My own children do their own laundry.)

(Why do my stepkids not? Because they are not usually here for periods extended enough to accumulate a full load each. It’s a more efficient use of energy — mine, and the planet’s — to do their clothes as one load. And in that case, I am the designated laundry-person in this household. Which is fine. I rather enjoy doing laundry, all except for the folding part.)

So, at the end of their days with us, I am confronted with a mound of laundry in which you could bury several small children. (Not that we tried. Ew.) There were only three of them involved, but these three have not yet figured out that one may wear a pair of jeans or a sweater more than once before laundering. Besides, now that said jeans and sweatshirts have spent the past week mixing it up with dirty socks and underwear, being trampled underfoot as grapes into wine, clean into soiled, a comfy warm (and probably warming, as things ferment) bedroom carpet, they do need to be laundered. As I said, a substantial mound.

It has been five days, and I have just.about. caught up.

I would be entirely caught up had Anna not puked in Emma’s bed yesterday. Oh, the excitment of my job, I tells ya. Anna has her own pillow and blankie, but she sleeps atop Emma’s bed, and managed to give duvet, pillowcase and Emma’s blankie a delicate yet thorough sprinkling. Grossed out, Emma tossed in her perfectly clean comforter and sheets as well. And, because my job caused the mess, it’s my job to clean it up. Besides, I am the household laundry-person, and “household” includes linens.

The duvet is done; the comforter is in the dryer; the rest is chugging away in the wash. And then? Then it’s DONE!! I have CAUGHT UP!!!

And this evening? This evening the stepkids return.

I think I’m drowning…

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