It’s Not All Mary Poppins

From Florinda who found it on It’s called “Choose Ye,” and the one rule: You have to pick one of the two alternatives given for each question. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes. My choices are shown in bold.

Resolutions or keep on keepin’ on?
– resolutions are nice in theory, but the only way to make ’em stick is to keep on keepin’ on.

Ketchup or mustard?
-ketchup’s too sweet

Firm mattress or soft?
– bad back

Tan or pale (however one gets tan)?
-light tan, really. But I had to choose…

Oreo or chocolate chip?
– no question

Goldfish or tiny turtle?
– turtles are cuter, but they stink (or mine always did when I was a child; I was probably maltreating them…)

Road rage or easy rider?
– road ragers are morons. They make me so mad.

East coast or west?
– because Canada’s east coast? It is beautiful, but the winters… urgh

Romantic comedy or action flick?
– of the ilk of Sense and Sensibility, not Something About Mary

Windy or rainy?
– love the wind. Even if my hair in my face does make me crazy.

Gossip or sealed lips?
– gossip is fun, but potentially toxic

Sing or dance?
– I sing every day. (Not with/for the kids; just because that’s what I do.)

Nest” or go out at any opportunity?
– no question

Shatner or Norris? (shudder)
– Shatner at least I remember, though not with strong feeling one way or the other. Who’s Norris, again? (See above, re: “romantic comedy or action films”.)

Gold or silver?
– Gold’s pretty, but I love silver.

Swing or push (on a swing, people… on a swing)?
– I do get seasick on swings, but I have spent years of my life – YEARS, people – pushing those damned things. It is MY TURN to swing.

Breath mints or gum?
– chewing gum gives me a headache

Pine tree or palm tree?
– pine trees are icky sticky sappy things

Self-deprecation or quiet confidence?
– I can do both, but really? Confident.

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Hang on while I adjust my halo

I’m not quite sure what I said to earn this distinction, but there you have it:

How evil are you?

I’m an angel.

Oh, and whoever wrote this puzzle? Canada is not a European country. Duh.

My daughter, however, (Emma) is …

How evil are you?

Should I be worried?

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