It’s Not All Mary Poppins

And the [ice] rain, rain, rain came down, down, down

It’s garbage day. Emma cracked her mirror last night. I’ll just pop that out to the curb before the trucks come. The sidewalk is clear, I see, so I slip on some Birkenstock wannabe’s and proceed down the steps. The rain, it drums steadily on the porch roof above my head, but it’s a short few paces from the steps to the curb where the garbage bins await pick-up. I’ll be fine.

At the bottom step, the rain cold on the back of my shoulders, I pause. The pavement in front of me glistens in the dull not-quite-light. Hmmm.

Poke out a tentative toe from the security of my sisal-covered step. My foot leaps away from my body. My GOD, it’s slippery. Like greased glass. And I’m going to walk across that carrying a large piece of actual glass? I think not.

One of the cats, seeing me open the door, scurries towards me from across the street. “Oh, hurray! I’m being rescued from this wet!” And she SLIPS ON THE ICE. Front legs went port, rear legs when starboard. Have you ever seen a cat slip? Lose their footing and actually fall on their belly on the ground? Me, neither. Until just this morning. It’s, uh, pretty funny, in fact. Where’s the other cat?

Here, kittykittykitty…

A change of footwear and a liberal sprinkling of salt allows my safe passage, unsliced by shards. More salt in an attempt to see the tots arrive in one piece. I hope their parents are not so foolish as to try to carry them in from their cars. A tot who slips on their well-padded, snow-suited butt is going to be far less injured than a tot who plunges to the ice from a height of four feet. And is then crushed under their loving but not-quite-thinking-this-through parent.

It’s slightly above freezing at the moment, but the forecast calls for the temperatures to plunge ten degrees over the day — which means flash-freezing and ice, ice, ice.

I think today will be an “inside day”.

January 30, 2008 Posted by | health and safety, Ottawa | 6 Comments