It’s Not All Mary Poppins

What is it? Ummm…

This is a pipecleaner, also called chenille wire, or chenille stem. An adult has twisted one end a few times, resulting in this:


Couldn’t be simpler! A five-year-old could manage the twist. My toddlers cannot. The ends are a bit “pokey” in our parlance, so I’ll often wrap it with electrician’s tape, or duct tape. Today I didn’t. I will warn their parents…

Pinch the end away from the twist, like so:
The tots can do this. Theirs do not emerge looking quite so heart-like. Theirs emerge looking like stick people who have had a nasty run-in with a pencil sharpener, and are now in traction. Poor sad stick-people. Poor battered pipe cleaners. Nice, NICE mommies and daddies who will say “It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

Make a second loop, putting it through the previous loop before twisting. Make a second heart (stick-person-in-traction). Now you have a two-link chain of hearts! Continue as long as there is interest or pipe cleaners.

Ooooo… very long!

So what is it? It’s A Craft, is what it is, a Valentine craft. (Because of the Hearts, see.) Crafts don’t have to BE anything. What’s it for? Its purpose is to keep the tots amused, to give them a chance to practice some fine-motor skills, to experiment with a different medium. As all parents know, crafts at this age are about the process, not the product. (In other words, for confused non-parents: it isn’t anything. It’s never anything.)

The nice thing about this craft is that when you’re done, you can take it apart and make something else of it. As many times as you like!

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