It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Like a casting call, only questions

It has belatedly occurred to me that, from time to time, I wax wise and opinionated about this and that parenting quandrary. These things are, of course, of great interest to me, but could, perhaps, be of less interest to you, my small handful of loyal readers.

So I am hereby inviting you to suggest topics, ask questions, raise issues that are of interest to you. Not me, but you. Well, they have to be of interest to me, too, but maybe you can surprise me with something fascinating I hadn’t thought about writing about here…

So yes. I AM indeed getting you to do my work. Inspire me! Tell me what to write about! So I don’t have to come up with topics!!

You can leave an idea in the comment box, or, if you want to spend more time, or say something more personal, than would belong in a comment box, you can email me at notmaryp at gmail dot com.

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