It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Thus proving that even after 22 years, you can make mistakes…

Emily woke up early from her nap. These days, if she soils a diaper, she wakes in tears. (Will she train next, now that Nigel’s done??) I changed her diaper and put her back to bed. She went back to sleep, bless her sweet, compliant self.

Her cries, however, woke Anna, who, having had an hour and a half nap, did not go back to sleep. Nigel doesn’t nap every day, so they cavorted for a bit, and it wasn’t long before Malli joined them. I haul out the toys an hour early, and we commence to play. By the time Timmy joins them, however, there have been a few spats. They don’t squabble a whole lot, this group. What gives?

We could blame it on the lack of sleep, but Malli had her normal nap, Nigel had one the last two days, so should be fine not having one today, Anna, though a little disrupted, did get a decent sleep, (if she’s going to be horrible, it likely wouldn’t be till later this evening, on her parents’ watch; I shall have to warn them) and Timmy got his usual amount. So I’m not convinced it’s the sleep.

When Emily joins them, it only gets worse. It’s not the nap. She’s had more than her usual amount, probably because of the short disruption in the middle.

One child lifts an unclaimed toy, the next one screeches. One child bumps against another child as he reaches for a toy, they both scream. Someone drops a toy and cries. Someone trips and cries. Someone can’t find the right colour crayons and cries.

What has gotten IN to them?


The penny drops.

That’s the wrong question entirely. It’s not what has gotten IN to them, it’s what HASN’T gotten in?

With Anna waking a bit early and Nigel so newly not napping, I’m off my schedule. I’m off-stride. I’m very clearly NOT THINKING, because…

I forgot snack. I FORGOT snack. I never forget snack. It’s a matter of survival.

I forgot snack.

I have, in a seething, whinging mass around my feet, FIVE toddlers whose blood-sugar is crashing. I’m worried about a bit of whining and squabbling? I’m lucky there’s been no bloodshed! Yeesh.

“Hey, guys! Snacktime!”

There’s a bowl of fruit on the table, and I start slicing. Pears, kiwis, bananas. Dipped in yoghurt (plain yoghurt) for protein and finger-licking food fun.

Twenty minutes later, snack is over, play recommences …

and happy, busy childish burbling fills the air.


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