It’s Not All Mary Poppins

We’re really pretty domestic, he and me

This is what I gave my sweetie for Valentine’s Day:

Because he does most of the cooking, and I truly, truly appreciate it. He loooooves chocolate, and has earned himself a bunch. Some luscious rich, dark chocolate will accompany the potholder. “Will”, because I didn’t get that far. (I’m domestic; I’m just not organized.)

Well, and getting the chocolate would mean GOING OUTSIDE in the FREEZING COLD, too. I’m disorganized and cold-phobic. He’ll get his chocolate when it warms up a bit. Like, April. Or maybe June.

And this is what he game me:

Which is very sweet, but also sheerest self-defense. Because it’s the feet, isn’t it? Always with the frozen female feet in the marital bed. I’m cold-phobic because once I get that way, I STAY that way. Brr, brr, brr. I hate my frozen feet as much as he does: and my feet, they are VERY happy with their toasty new friend.

But harken unto the heart-shaped hot water bottle. Isn’t that so sweet? It’s practical, it’s self-defense, AND it’s romantic.

We don’t do too badly around here with the simple-but-meaningful tokens of love and affection.

February 14, 2008 Posted by | holidays | 4 Comments