It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Oh, the irony

No post today because it’s a holiday here in Ontario! First ever holiday Monday in February, declared last October by the provincial government: Family Day. Let’s hear it for Family Day, the day families get to enjoy just Being Together!! Emma and I have a lovely day of shopping and coffee shops planned, culiminating in a girly-bonding eyebrow waxing. Too fun! So I’ll see you tomorrow, and maybe you’ll get to hear all about our Day Together.

That is the post I WISH I were writing.

See, Family Day was instated after the contracts were all signed last year, so it’s not included in my list of stat holidays. Which is why three of my five families decided to celebrate their Family Day by … sending their children to daycare.

Boooo …

February 18, 2008 Posted by | holidays, parents, the dark side | 9 Comments