It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Today’s “Way to go, Mom” Award goes to…

Mamacita Tina.

For this post.

Go over and, if you don’t have time to read the whole thing, look at the picture. (But it’s not a long post, and well worth the read!)

See that sad, sad face? What parent wouldn’t melt in the face of such pathos?

A parent with an eye to the goal, that’s who. A parent who sees their role as developing positive character traits in a child, not maintaining the child’s minute-by-minute happiness. A parent who understands that, in order to BE a good parent, you will sometimes, necessarily, unavoidably, inevitably make your child unhappy.

Boooo…. That’s one of the parts of parenting we rate “difficult”.

See, children aren’t born rational. They don’t know about deferring gratification. They don’t understand cause-and-effect. They don’t do/know any of this till we give them the opportunity to learn it.

And don’t be thinking they’ll be thanking you for the opportunity.

The story has a happy ending, and if young Ian hasn’t learned the lesson 100%, it will only take one or two repeats and/or reminders before he does. And then his happy mommy will never see that face again! Well, not over this particular issue, anyway …

Well done, Mamacita!

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