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Six Things About Me

Gwendomama tagged me, lo, those many days ago, for a meme. The ever-circulating Six Things About Me meme, which has become five.

I’ve done this a couple of times before. Last time I focussed in on pregnancy and child-birth. This time, it occurs to me that though many of you say such warm and kindly things about me, in fact I tell you essentially nothing about me and my life. So this Six Things About Me will be — imagine! — about me!

1. I grew up in what was then a “hamlet”. Teeny-tiny. Population less than 500.

2. I left home for university at seventeen, having won a scholarship that allowed me to skip the final year of high school and go direct to post-secondary. I have never lived anywhere but a city since then.

3. My grandfathers fought on opposite sides of the Second World War. Grandad was career, a flight sargeant in the RAF; Grandpa was drafted, a footsoldier in the German army.

4. I am left-handed.

5. I have a blood type shared with only 7% of the Canadian population. (If I lived in South Korea, it would be shared by only .01% . Wild, huh?)

6. I can mirror-write: just regular cursive, but running from right to left. (Just like DaVinci — Leonardo, that is, not stupid Dan Brown.) In fact, I wrote from right to left before I learned to write from left to right. Why be normal?

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