It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Because parenting doesn’t stop when the hormones start

There are four million and seven mommy blogs out there, and maybe three of them don’t deal with babies and toddlers. I’m not quite sure why that would be, but it’s clear to any mother of teens and young adults that there is a HUGE void in the Internets.

Not any more!

Ten brave writers, headed by Margalit of What Was I THINKING?, have leaped into the void to start Mid-Century Modern Moms. Or at any rate, we’ll be tossing lots of words into it.

The fabulous banner was designed by Secret Agent Josephine. Isn’t it lovely? Don’t you just love the mom’s naughty wink? And that’s probably exactly the colour of my hair. If I let it.

I know some of you have wondered what Mary is really like, and if you’re curious to see a little of what goes on at Casa P when the tots go home, here is your chance to find out. You’ll find some FINE writing over there. And while you’re admiring what my nine compatriots have written, see if you can figure out which one is me!

(But if you’re going to make a guess, please don’t post it here. Post it over there, or email me at notmaryp at gmail dot com.)

March 17, 2008 Posted by | my kids, parenting | 6 Comments