It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Hello, Operator?

“Hi! Hi, daddy!” Anna has a hot-pink dollar-store cell phone pressed against her ear. “My daddy’s on the phone!” she informs us, then returns to her “conversation”. “Yeah, hi. I’m playin’. I’m being a doctor. Yeah, uh-huh… Can I have your phone number? Is mommy at home yet? You makin’ dinner, daddy? What are havin’ for dinner, daddy? Yeah, yeah, uh-huh…”

She does that extremely well, you know. Not many two-year-olds think to add pauses and “uh-huh’s” for the other party’s contribution.

Next call is to her mommy. “Hello, mommy? You are at work? Yeah? You are busy? All right! Yeah, okay. Daddy is makin’ dinner, mommy. We are havin’ brocolli and sushi! Bye, mommy!”

Nigel wants in on the phone action.

“Hello, hi. Hi, mummy! You bringing me something? Bye-bye!”
“Hello, daddy! You bringing me something? Bye-bye!”
“Hello, Uncle Chris! You bringing me something? Bye-bye!”
“Hello, Sophia! You bringing me something? Bye-bye!”

Born to be a lobbyist, this boy. He lives in the right city, too.

Timmy, who’s been watching Emily ride one of the hobby-horses, patiently waiting his turn — Now, now! Stop snickering back there! He’s been waiting two whole minutes and hasn’t grabbed or cried ONCE! That’s patient! But Emily seems to be intent on playing a while longer, so, sensible seeking distraction, he takes a turn with the phone.

“I tah, tah, tah, tah, tah, tahk… brooooother!” he informs Nigel. “Hi, hi, hi, hi brother!”

Yes, we have a little stutterer in our midst. Not uncommon at this age, and more common in boys than girls, Timmy’s stutter is pronounced enough that he’s on a wait list for diagnosis with an eye to possible therapy.

“My brother’s name is George.”
“Juh, juh, juh, juh George! Hi, Juh, juh, juh — OH! HORSIE!!!” The cell phone hits the floor as he scrambles for the hobby horse finally abandoned by Emily.

Emily cradles the phone next to her round pink cheek. “Hello! Hello! Hello?” She holds it to me, a frown on her wee face. “Is no one there! Is no one there onna phone!”

Hm. Does she not understand the game, or is she pretending a bad connection? My slight hestitation as I consider how to respond, is more time than Anna requires to take action. She trots over and takes the phone from Emily with an air of great confidence. “You want to talk to your mommy?” she enquires, kindly helpful.

“Yes, my mommy and my baby bruzzer.”

“Okay!” Anna punches at the ‘buttons’, plastic stickers on the pink flip. “Is ringing!” she informs Emily. “Is ringing. Oh, Hello? Hello, Emily’s mommy? Is Emily’s mommy? Yes?” She holds the phone out to Emily. “Is your mommy onna phone now.”

Emily takes the phone. “Mommy? Mommy! Hi, Mommy!” Her face beams. Problem solved. It just took a little expert assistance.

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