It’s Not All Mary Poppins

How’s your binging?

Binging? Or is that bingeing? They both look wrong. The first looks like it should rhyme with ‘singing’, and the second has too many vowels.

I think it’s bingeing, though. Like singeing? (Except that looks wrong, too…) I could just find the damned dictionary, but inertia rules. This laptop is so heeeeavyyyyy…

book bingeAs I suspected, with far less time to read this year, I am churning my way through fewer books. I also made some crappy choices at the library last week. Some weeks are like that.

The first was odd: it lost me by page 90, but there were some loose ends I was curious about — though not curious enough to slog my way through the intervening 321 pages — so I hopped over to the last chapter. And was so astonished and fascinated by what I found that I had to go back to page 90 to find out how on earth she’d gotten from there to here.

After that, it was a terrific read, though I confess I would skip through two or three pages here and there to keep the pace up.

The second started off dryly humourous, I thought, but turned out to be strictly in earnest and, as such, earnestly boring. I read the first 55 pages, then bounced in to read a page here and there, then read the last chapter. Yawn.

I’m currently 72 pages into “Bread and Dreams” by Jonatha Ceely. (No, that’s not a typo. Jonatha.) So far, it’s the best of the lot.

That’s my binge, so far. How’s yours?

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