It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Maybe I’m hormonal…

The tots say the darndest things all day, every day. I’m always delighted by it, but I’m also pretty much used to it. But some days, and I think it must be me, I keep hearing things. Things they have no idea they’re saying, but there I am, hearing them anyway. I blame hormones.


Tot 1: I am coming!
Tot 2: No! I comed first!

Snort. I’ve known men like him… Bet some of you have, too…


Timmy arrives, brandishing a book for me to read. I demur. It’s one of that inane Mr. Men series, which I loathe. I am not paid enough to be that bored. However, the title gives me a laugh.

“Mary, see! I gots Mr. Happy!”

Snort. All day, every day, sweetie. You don’t know the half of it yet.

“Careful with the macaroni, guys. It’s a little hot. Blow on it first.”
Ever helpful, Emily leans over to blow on Nigel’s macaroni.
“No! Emily! Don’t do that!”
She does it again.
“NO, Emily! Don’t blow me! I don’t like that!”

Snort. The day will come when he won’t believe he could ever have said that


Okay. I think I’ll go have a soothing cup of tea now. My mouth is sore what with all the snorting I’ve been doing.

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