It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Brrrr! It’s CHILLY out there. Okay, so it’s not “cold”. Cold is thirty below. But today it’s a whopping five degrees (Celcius. Which is, oh, something like 41 or 42F). In the middle of May!

This is totally, wholly, completely UNacceptable, and I wish to register my strongest objection.

Still, chilly or not, these children have energy to burn, and before it fries me to a frazzle, I am taking them outside. Let them charge off some steam out there. Maybe they’ll warm things up a bit. Lord only knows they exude enough energy. Hm. Now there’s a thought. Do toddlers contribute to global warming?

They exude volume, too. Lordy. The higher the energy, the greater the volume. Almost 100% correlation with tots. Must get them outside where it isn’t echoing off walls.

As we walk, we chatter. Oh, how we chatter. Occasionally I interject a direction or a comment, but mostly I just let the waves roll over me. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. No one is talking TO anyone, really, but oh, how they talk.

“Okay, guys. Let’s go down this street, instead.”

“Why?” Anna is firmly in the ‘why’ stage. Nigel uses it reasonably frequently, too, but his ‘why’s’ are only and always the “I don’t wanna” why’s, whereas Anna’s are the true ‘why stage’ why’s: reflexive, knee-jerk, compulsive, frequently nonsensical.

This one, in fact, is perfectly reasonable, and it is Nigel who answers.

“Because the other street is a busy street, and busy streets are dangerous!”

“Busy streets are more dangerous, Nigel, but that’s not why we’re taking this other street. Busy streets are also noisy streets, and Mary HATES noise.”

Which suddenly strikes me as very funny. Guffaws — rather loud ones — bust right out of me. The tots are a bit surprised, and then, with a clear “oh, what the hell” sort of response, they join right in. Because funny is funny! They might not get the joke, but that’s not going to keep them out of the fun of a good belly laugh.

And, chortling (loudly) we proceed down the quiet street.

May 19, 2008 - Posted by | daycare, outings

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  1. Love it when the kids get the giggles over something they are clueless about.

    What’s with the weather? Monday and Tuesday we were at 108 F and today we’re at 85 F. I fear the world will crack in half if things continue as they are.

    Comment by mamacita tina | May 21, 2008 | Reply

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