It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Pretty as a Princess

If there ever was a child I had less pegged to emerge as a fluff-and-fripperies girl, it was Anna. Solid and cheery, with a hearty laugh and a terrific sense of humour, she charges around with more bruises on her chubby legs than two or three of the other kids combined. She climbs, she jumps, she wrestles. She takes tumbles and laughs. She takes pride in her bruises and scabs. She also shoves and jostles and shrieks with outrage at a more consistent level than the others.

Girly-girl? Not this one.

And yet. It is Anna who must, must, MUST wear a dress each and every day. The other day she showed up in a weather-appropriate pair of sweat pants and a matching zipped hoodie. The second her “I pulled rank” dad left, she was burrowing in her bin looking for a dress. She did not find one, (I hid it while I was ‘helping’ her look for it) and the world was a very, very bleak and unkind place for short, LOUD while…

It is Anna who MUST wear “dancing shoes”, which is to say, anything with bows, ribbons, sequins and/or brilliant colours — and a total lack of tread. Other, more sensible pieces of footwear accompany her to Mary’s house, but they only get on her feet under duress. “You may not come to the park unless you put on your running shoes.”

The other day she came carrying these:

“These are my princess shoes! I wearing princess shoes!”

I look at dad. You can’t tell so much from the picture, but the entire upper surface is layered with a mosaic of sequins in browns and golds. Quite gorgeous. How much care and concern do I need to lavish upon this spectacular pair of the Mama’s shoes? “Are these very treasured shoes?”

“They are to Anna!”

Too true. It was pouring all day, we were inside all day, and she wore them All.Day.Long. All the long, loud day. Anna called them “clop-clop shoes”, too, which is about right. She shuffled about the house, the heels wallopping the floor behind her. “Shhh-Bam! Shh-bam-bam-shh-bam-bam-bam-shh-bam! Bam!”

Any thoughts I may have had of losing them during naptime were scuppered when she demanded to sleep with them. All curled up, the heels pressed against her chest, the pointy toes nudging the wee chin, the sequins gleaming softly in the dim light. A girl and her footwear. Aaaaawwww… (No pictures; I didn’t want to wake her with the flash.)

I’ll be curious to watch this one grow up. Sequins and skirt and chortles and ribbons and tutus… bumps and bruises and wrestling and bellow of fury … which will win out?

Or will she be the world’s first rugby player in sequined jersey and heels?

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