It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I’ve been trained

I pelt down the stairs. (I always do. Because lord only knows what might break out in the 43 seconds it takes to pee.) I’m fast, but I’m quiet, rolling off the front edge of the steps, whipping down the 15 stairs.

My husband looks up at my descent and starts to laugh.

“What? What?”

It’s not just the speed that amuses him. It’s not just that I can come down that fast and also that quietly.

“You always do that.” He chortles. “Zip up on the way down the stairs.”

I glance down at my hands on the button of my fly. He’s right. I do. He chortles some more as he follows me out to the kitchen sink where I wash my hands. “Most people do that while they’re still in the bathroom.”

True enough. However, I have good reason for all this, don’t I? Sensible, wise reasons. Most people do not have four or five toddlers in their home. Most people have toddlers in their home for three years, five years, depending on how many children they have. I’ve had them for close to twenty. I am not most people.

I could say all that. It’s true, after all. I could say all that, but before I open my mouth, reality hits and I start laughing, too. It’s Sunday. There is not one, single, solitary toddler in my home. Nor has there been for 48 hours…

I do “always” do that. Even on Sundays.

June 19, 2008 Posted by | behavioural stuff, random and odd | 6 Comments