It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Shhh… what’s that sound?

The neighbours voices, drifting in the open window.
The refrigerator humming in the next room.
The clickety-click of the laptop keys.




No, I don’t have the day off — that’s tomorrow. (Happy Canada Day!!)

Today, Emma and a friend have taken the three tots to the beach. They will be there all morning. They will eat their picnic lunch, lovingly packed by me, and they will not be home until naptime.

The hours of the morning stretch out before me, and I know JUST what I will do with them:

– hang the laundry
– sit on the porch and write
– mop all the downstairs floors
– sit on the porch and write
– vacuum the stairs
– sit on the porch and write


And when they return? When they return, it will be naptime, so after greeting them and tucking them all in bed, I will go to the bank. And maybe hit a coffee shop before I get home.

I lied. I am getting a day off.
And it’s only costing me $10/hour.
Worth EVERY penny.

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