It’s Not All Mary Poppins

So near, and yet so far… (Updated with Irony)

It’s not a holiday here, of course. Ours was on Tuesday.


Two of the tots are travelling this week.
That brings me to three.
One is staying home with her dad.
And one phoned THIS MORNING to let me know they’re heading off for the weekend.
I have only one child coming today.

I sweep the kitchen floor and hope…
I pop a load of laundry with my fingers crossed…
I put together a snack that could, if need be, be used on Monday instead…
I glance at the phone, praying for the call…

Until I hear their footsteps on the porch.


I greeted him with the warmest of smiles, of course. He is a sweetie, I love him from his pigeon-toes to his goofy little face, and, hey, it is my job!



Parent entered, took in the preternaturally quiet home.


I explain.

Parent said, “Gee. I feel guilty now. I’m taking the day off to get those things done at home that you just can’t get done with a two-year-old underfoot.”

Parent hugged child and left.

Guilty, but not quite guilty enough…


July 4, 2008 Posted by | holidays, the dark side | 12 Comments