It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Toddlers take on the world

“It’s okay, Timmy.” Little Emily is patting Timmy’s shoulder, peering into his face, speaking with gentle reassurance. “You don’t need to cry. I was not hurting you, I was hurting Anna.”

Anna bellows out in ‘song’.
E- I – E – I – YORE!

“Don’t touch those rocks! Those are dog-pee rocks!”
(He’s right: they are.)


We spy one of our favourite neighbourhood attractions, the large metal toad in a neighbour’s garden. We stop and visit with friend toad for a while, then must move on.

“Bye, toad!”
“Bye, toad!”
“Bye, toad!”
“Have a good weekend!”


“Why does Emily not got a penis?”
“You know why. Because she’s a girl. She has a vulva instead.”
“When she grows up, she will have a hairy penis.”
“No, she won’t. When she grows up, she will have hair there, but no penis.”
“Yes, she will. My mummy has a penis.”
(I can hardly wait to tell mummy this one…)
“No, lovie, she doesn’t. Daddy has a penis, mummy has a vulva and a vagina.”
“Mummy does, too, have a penis! It’s just hiding in the hair.”
(Oh, I think I’ll just let mummy take it from here…)

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