It’s Not All Mary Poppins

My little secret

How does Mary do it, really?

Five toddlers, all day long. The daily — hourly, minute-ly — negotiations, conflicts, explanations, directions. The relentless activity. The noise. The ceaseless energy.

We all know she talks a good line, all that stuff about consistency and expectations, follow-through and the willingness to let a child suffer the consequences of misbehaviour, of firmness and kindness and consequences and motivation. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But how does she really do it? You asked? Okay. I’ll tell you…

No wussy Time-out chair in this house! Here at Mary’s we have…

The Cage.

Not just for two-minute time-outs, either. If they’re very, very saucy, the little so-and-so’s can darned well have their nap in there, too!

Ready to behave? Good. You can come out, then, because …

the dog wants her crate back.

And that’s my real secret surprise: We have a new dog. Isn’t she cute?

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